At Metaskins, we provide the service of a one-stop-shop for all your NFT needs. We are dedicated to building out your project from A-Z. We begin with the process of creation through brainstorming with your team. What is it you would like to present to your potential holders or members? What style of art to use? What image do you want your project to take on? What unique utility would you like to present to the market? Amongst a variety other questions on the checklist. All these steps are very important in building out your NFT project. At Metaskins we enjoy working hand in hand with each brand’s vision. On the cosmetic/imagery side, we work with your team to understand exactly what you would like to project. This starts with sketching out images on paper to make sure we start the mission on the same page. This might be different iterations of sketching out the vision until perfected. Once the sketches have been agreed upon, we use our experienced 3d modeling team to make the sketch a digital reality. This means we begin building the digital art that represents the project. This might be one model, or a variation of models with their own unique looks. The next step is create different unique 3d assets for the initial image to make sure all the NFTs are unique in their own way. We build the assets your team needs, then use our in house random generator to gather all the potential variations and randomly issue them to the different NFTs that represent YOUR project. Lastly, we will take the images that have been randomly generated with the traits that Metaskins has created and create the collection gf your dreams!

Check @theholyonesNFT for reference!

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