Metaverse Gaming

Metaskins has built a variety of Metaverse games, specifically in Decentraland. Games have always been a huge part of the Metaskins vision, enriching the content in the Metaverse by creating games that people can enjoy while exploring. At Metaskins we imagine an online virtual world where you can seek out your friends from anywhere in the world and feel like you’re together enjoying the same experience they are, and that is exactly what we are building at Metaskins. Metaskins has already begun servicing the Metaverse with new exciting games. The first being ManaMania, a Metaverse lottery game where users across the Metaverse come to lottery booth (which resemble ATMs) to buy their tickets for the weekly lottery events. It is very important to note that these games are all on-chain meaning they use blockchain infrastructure throughout the gaming experience. This mean the games are PROVABLY FAIR through on-chain randomization and AUDITABLE through and through. Our vision is to continue to build these games for both DApps and metaverses making them more and ore efficient and always thinking about creating the best and most sociable experiences.

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