Metaverse Events

Metaverse events are a brands best new way of capturing the user base of web 3. From traditional web2 brands small and big, to native web3 projects, a Metaverse event is always a good way to show off that your brand is part of the next internet revolution. When it comes to experience in putting on Metaverse events, there are not many that rival Metaskins’ immense experience in putting on an enriching experience in the Metaverse. Metaskins has been creating Metaverse events for a variety of brands for almost two years, and continue to evolve and learn everyday to ensure we stay at the forefront of innovation and high quality experiences for the brands and the consumer alike. Metaskins has created various types of events across many different spaces and disciplines. From entertainment events like live and pre recorded DJ dance parties, Metaverse first magic shows, to BKFC, B2, and other live fight partnerships to Free play casino night events, wearable/clothing and jewelry launches, all the way to educational events like environmental awareness keynote speakers and much more. For the brand or project that comes to Metaskins for a Metaverse event, it is important to note that there are a variety of features that we can create to make the event more and more enriching. There are endless possibilities. From revamping Metaverse spaces to exert your brands images throughout the venue, all interactive, so users can easily funnel into your website or store to learn more about your product, to using wearables as a ticketing system to a gated event that ONLY those with your brands wearable or nft can access, and this can even stretch further into having the event free to all but having certain elements of the event only accessible by those with your brands nft in their crypto wallet! The possibilities are endless, this is the Metaverse after all, where all dreams can become a reality. At Metaskins, we pride ourselves on servicing all different type of events in the Metaverse and are ready to take your brand to the next level with a Metaverse event. Who knows, it might be the first EVER of its kind, how cool would that be?