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3D Bag model

3D modeling services

Our 3D modeling service includes: sculpting, retopology, UVS, Rigg and texture

3D product modeling

3D character modeling

3D modeling for metaverses

3D modeling for games

3D models for Ecommerce

Lipstick's CGI Video

3D animation services

The 3D animation service includes: object or character movement including facial expresions

3D character animation

3D environment animation

3D props animation

3D architectural animation

3D animation walkthrough

3D industrial animation

GEF boot render


High impact 3D modeling and animation that can be used for advertisement

CGI advertising

CGI imagery / CGI stills

CGI 3D animation

CGI modeling

CGI production

Couch animation for fornite

3D Game Development

We develop impactful games for mobile and desktop in Unity

Game animation

3D game character animation

Game modeling

Educational game development

Growth City map in Roblox

Metaverse development

We develop characters, environments, and games in the metaverse

Roblox assets development

Roblox assets for brands

Branded Roblox worlds

Fortnite map development

Roblox game development

Decentraland development

Virtual worlds development

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Our work

3D Videos

3D Animation for Metaskins

Scenario created in Unreal Engine 5

3D Videos

3D Modeling for Vasari & Monziori in Ecuador

Scenario created in Blender

FOOH Videos

CGI Video for Lili Pink B&W in Colombia

‎Real scenario

CGI Videos

CGI Video for Offcorss in Colombia

‎Real scenario

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Animation studio

At Metaskins, we specialize in 3D animations and  CGI advertisement production, creating CGI videos, FOOH (Fake Out of Home), and mixed reality experiences that  give brands the opportunity to create impactful content that engages their audience.

We also have great experience developing games and projects in the metaverse, which allows us to offer innovative 3D design solutions tailored to different platforms.


High quality solutions at an affordable price


We offer high quality services

Metaverse and videogames

We lead immersive digital projects

Frequently asked questions

3D modeling is the creation of a three-dimensional digital representation of an object using specialized software. This process includes sculpting, retopology, UV mapping, rigging, and texturing. Our professional 3D modelers use these techniques to create models for cartoons, movies, architectural visualizations, video games, advertising, and more.

3D animation involves bringing 3D models to life by moving their parts according to the project’s requirements. This process gives motion and personality to objects or characters, making them dynamic and engaging.

CGI, or Computer Generated Imagery, refers to the creation of visual content using computer software. It encompasses all special effects and video editing techniques that blend reality with 3D modeling and animation, resulting in captivating, visually stunning and immersive videos.

FOOH stands for "Fake Out Of Home" advertising. This innovative form of outdoor advertising uses advanced CGI technology to create hyper-realistic images and scenes that appear as if they exist in the real world, but are entirely digital.

3D and FOOH advertising allow for the creation of unique, eye-catching content that is impossible to achieve with traditional photography or live action. These technologies enhance visual appeal and engagement, leading to higher visibility and interaction rates.

To start a project, simply contact us at Metaskins! Our team is ready to provide expert guidance and support throughout every stage of your project, from conception to completion.

To start a project, simply contact us at Metaskins! Our team is ready to provide expert guidance and support throughout every stage of your project, from conception to completion.

Each project at Metaskins is unique and requires a personalized quote. Requesting a quote is free and tailored to your specific needs.


Main headquarters: Medellín, Colombia

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Medellín: +57 311 389 4551


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