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Decentraland is where it all started for Metaskins. Although our capabilities are not limited to Decentraland, we believe in the platform very much. The metaverse is the future of business, social interactions, art, marketing campaigns, high profile events and so much more.

Don’t know how to get started in the metaverse? Metaskins is your ticket in. We entered Decentraland in the very early stages, building establishments like: The JBF gallery (2,-18), The Aquarium Casino (-140,127), The Metaskins Store (36, -4) and a lot more. We can build digital infrastructure on your parcels. Don’t own parcels? We can throw metaverse events tailored to your brand. We make metaverse wearables, on-chain games (Dapps and Metaverse), we can even design your NFT project from art all the way down to utility with our in-house professionals. We believe Decentraland is the best entry into the virtual world, and Metaskins will facilitate every step of the way.

Decentraland Events

Anything from entertainment events, keynote speakers, gaming tournaments, pop up shops, to whatever you can think of, we work directly with your team to organize and deliver these events for you.

Whether or not you have any exposure to the metaverse, we will take care of everything from A-Z. Working with Mateskins gives your brand the ability to get creative with the decor, theme, , gated access POAPs etc…

In the past, we have thrown IRL (in real life) events and have live streamed these events in the metaverse, while also live streaming the metaverse event at the IRL event. Our goal is to bridge the gap between real life and the metaverse and make the shift as seamless as possible for the brands we work with.

Some of the events we have curated:

  • Decentraland´s Pride Parade
  • Decentraland´s Fashion Week
  • MMA TV
  • Decentral Games Gaming Tournaments 3x/week
  • Snarky Sharkz
  • Framed Gallery
  • NFT Panama
  • Bare Knuckle Fight Championship (BKFC)
  • Danger and Thrill Magic Show
  • NFTweak
  • Film Punks
  • Holy Rail

The Holy Rail was created by The Holy Ones NFT community. Together, they decided amongst themselves to just show up to The Aquarium Casino and stand in a pack on the railing. The Holy Ones NFT then decided to build off of that and create Holy Rail wearables.

Want to know more about creating your own custom Metaverse event? Contact us at

Decentraland Builds

We design and build out your metaverse dreams.  Our team of experienced designers bring your parcels of digital land to life.  Our goal is to bring your metaverse experience to life, with the most custom and unique architecture in the digital world.

We plan to accelerate the growth of metaverse developments and encourage everyone to build out their businesses or even their dream home in the metaverse.

We have only worked in Decentraland so far, but our team of talented in-house designers can build in almost any metaverse (The Sandbox, CryptoVoxels, Somnium Space, etc…)

Get started on your metaverse builds ASAP and contact us with your custom request!

  • Medellín Venue
  • SFL Maven
  • Holy Temple
  • Projects we have built:
  • JBF Gallery
  • Metaskins Store
  • Stock Tylers Gallery
  • The Aquarium Casino

Decentraland Wearables

Wearables can be anything from a digital T-shirt, all the way down to a simple rarity trait on an NFT project and we do it all.

As you can see, we create many different wearables, whatever you want, we create.

We’ve done jewelry, shirts, coats, pants, shoes, helmets, full body costumes, glasses and more.

Wearables are technically NFTs and can be used for so many things to incentivize a community. It can be used as a virtual ticket to an event, it can be used to look cool in the metaverse, it really is all up to the imagination.

We are always staying on top of wearable innovation in Decentraland and the Metaverses to come. Our team is dedicated to giving brands the best quality of product to use as brand representation in the Metaverse!

Some of the brands we’ve worked with in wearables:

  • Puma
  • Etro
  • Miguemo
  • Fira pants
  • WOW
  • Snarky Sharks
  • Hashmasks
  • MMA TV
  • BKFC (Bare Knuckle Fight Championship)
  • NFTweak
  • The Aquarium DCL
  • The Holy Ones
  • Stock Tylers
  • Andy Warhol NFT

Contact us

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