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At Metaskins we have approximately 2 years of experience in creating Metaverse avatars and digital clothing. We work with a broad horizon of brands to make sure we deliver their metaverse dream into a reality. The avatars we create are fully customizable, and come in all shapes and sizes. At Metaskins we work with very different types of brands and ideas, but we make sure the process is always the same. We make sure to take each client from the brainstorming/design phase all the way to the delivery of the product, and brands love working with us, because we always make sure they are on the ride with us, with our weekly meetings and email updates. There are many reasons to create your Digital persona with Metaskins, just ask brands like Puma, Etro, Dundas, NBC News, The Fabricant, World of Women, BKFC, SFL Maven and so many more! Come find out how to enrich you or your company’s digital presence by creating the avatar for you!

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