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Metaverse wearables, avatars, rent and business activation, scenes + buildouts, NFT projects, Metaverse gaming and Metaverse events.

Decentraland, The Sandbox, and more


Game Development

You have an idea.
We make it possible until it isn’t.

We have experienced, in-house game developers and front end design of games for Decentralized apps (DApps) and Metaverse.


You dream it, we create it.

Our team of artists and designers can create anything from NFTs, to animated videos, to avatars.


Everything is possible in the metaverse.

We create events within the metaverse, tailored to your theme. We have smart contract professionals who can create any type of utility attached to an NFT idea (within reason). We create virtual infrastructure on your digital land, games on Dapps, metaverse and so much more.

The Process


We are here to understand your vision and go through the processes to bring it to reality.

We work best when brainstorming with our clients to bring their dream and our experience together to create a perfect concept.

After these discussions, we take over as we understand exactly what WE need to do in the process.


Now that we are crystal clear on the ideas our clients want to portray, its time to get to work.

We will build and define a roadmap to define the workflow and goals to plan and time out YOUR project.

​This helps us understand the HOW aspect of the project.


Now that we understand exactly what needs to be done and how, it becomes time for execution.

Our 3d Design team paired with our animation team created a perfect flow, creating your full product from sketch to final product.

They work in unison to create an efficient and effective flow to make sure we meet the goals that are expected of us.

Refine & Release

Now that the product has gone through our work flow, it is time for our unique touches to bring forth the polished product.

This means putting our Metaskins touch on your creation to make sure they stand out amongst the competition!

Some of our work


After Effects

Unreal Engine

Substance Painter






About Us

Metaskins is a fully customizable one stop shop for any and all metaverse or NFT needs. We specialize in personalized digital wearables, custom infrastructure built on metaverse parcels and brand tailored metaverse events. In the past, we have created some of the highest quality metaverse-ready 3D avatars out there and we are ready to do the same for any of your projects! Based in Colombia, our talented team of in-house modelers, marketers and smart contract developers offer a wide range of services and skills. From video game development, to the creation of random generated NFT art for your newest collection, we take your imagination and turn it into a Web 3 reality. The sky’s the limit at Metaskins and we look forward to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the Metaverse through the construction of your newest projects.

As far as our history is concerned, we are quite proud of our track record. Metaskins has thrown successful metaverse events, from casino nights to Bare Knuckle Fight Championship Fight Nights. We were responsible for the high resolution 3D art behind The Holy Ones NFT collection and the Fetus Apes NFT collection to name a few. We’ve also designed custom wearables for the likes of Snarky Sharks NFT and NFTweak for further references.

We can’t wait to make your meta-dreams a real success.

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